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January 15, 2021

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Second graders offer their Christmas thoughts

Bev Stockman's second graders

The Icon asked Bev Stockman's second graders their thoughts about Christmas. Their replies follow:

It is Christmas time. I like the decorations on the tree. I like when Santa eats the cookies we make for him. I like to write Santa a letter. I like to eat ham on Christmas. I like to see my neighbors outside playing with snow. I like when Katie and I play with the snow and when we get nice, steaming hot cocoa at home. I like when I cuddle together with my family in the house and with the kitten Ash. I love Christmas.

By Matt, son of Charles & Kristen Daws

On Christmas we always play hide-and-seek with my key ornament. We always have a Christmas party at our house. We also buy each other ornaments. We all go sledding together on a huge hill. We look in our stockings first thing that morning. First the oldest people get to open presents and then the youngest open their presents. In church we have a play. We also go to see the Blaze of Lights. Christmas is my favorite holiday!
By Raina, daughter of Tim & Megan Runk

It is Christmas and we open presents. It is Christmas and we see snow. It is Christmas and we make snowmen. It is Christmas and we have a snowball fight. It is Christmas and we go sledding. Christmas is fun. I love Christmas.
By Sidnie, daughter of Chad & Stefanie Koontz

I like Christmas. I bake cookies with my dad. Last year I got a camera. Last year I got a blanket. I go to my cousin's house to celebrate Christmas. I see Christmas lights around the town and in Lima. Every year I get presents. I like presents. Christmas is fun.
By Breanna, daughter of Jeff Bridgewater

Every Christmas my family and I go see the Blaze of Lights. For Christmas Eve my family has Christmas at one of my family's houses. When the grownups watch TV my cousins and I go upstairs to play. We have to play with a lot of children when we are at my house. When it starts to snow we go play in the snow. When we wake up we find presents under the tree. It's a happy time for me.
By Zoe Kramer, daughter of Scott & Gloria Piehl

I like Christmas because I like sledding down a big hill. I like opening presents because it is fun. I like to see Santa at Greg's. I love to sing in the Christmas concert. I love being with my mom and dad. I love Christmas!
By Patrick, son of John & Melinda Estell

Christmas is a special time of the year. We celebrate Christmas. My dad and I hang lights on the house. We see the lights in Hancock County. On my brother's birthday we get the tree and decorate it on the day right before Christmas. Then after my brother's birthday we decorate the inside too. We bake cookies. Then we see Santa. Christmas is the best day ever.
By Tucker Neff, son of Rhonda Moor and Neil Neff

I like to hear bells. I love opening presents. I like to spend the day with my family. I love baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom and dad. I love playing in the snow. I like opening my presents. This is the best Christmas ever.
By Daniel, son of Dan & Tracy Monday

On Christmas I get in my stocking and like what Santa gives me. Before Christmas I am in a Christmas play for church. After Christmas I go to my Grammy's and Grandma's to get gifts. When it is the day before Christmas I put carrots under the fireplace so the reindeer can eat them. Every Christmas is a fun, good, great day!
By Brinkley, daughter of Eric & Julie Garmatter

At Christmas I bake Christmas cookies with my grandma. On Christmas I go to church. On Christmas I eat ribs. On Christmas I eat tuna casserole. I go to church and do plays. On Christmas I open presents. I bet it will be the best Christmas day of all.
By Sean, son of Kevin Casemier

Every Christmas I have my birthday. It is on December 13. One of the best parts is no SCHOOL! Also there's more sleeping. This year I bought awesome presents. I love making cookies. I could make 44 in a day. This year is going to be the best year like every other year. I love Christmas.
By Annalise, daughter of Lamar & Deborah Nisly

Every Christmas I bake cookies with my mom. We add sprinkles on the cookies. I also visit Santa every year close to Christmas and Mom and I go shopping for other people. I shop for my aunts and my mom and my dad. It is a good Christmas every year.
By Chyler, son of Alisha Stiles and Shane Lackey

I go to church on Christmas Eve. I love the lights on my house. I love the presents. I love the ornaments too. We have a lot of stockings. We have six. I love Christmas.
By Brennan, son of Mac & Cara Davies

Christmas is the best holiday. I like to see the snow and play in it. I like to go sledding in the mornings and I go crazy. My mom cooks the Christmas dinner. After we eat I go play with my new toys. I am going to have a wonderful Christmas day.
By Zayne, son of Carrie Salisbury

It's fun at Christmas because you can see snow one time a year. I like to have snowball fights with my brother. I help to put the Christmas lights on the tree and decorate the house. It's fun going around and seeing the other lights. Santa gives us presents and I like to open them. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
By Isaiah, son of Martin & Liz Dyrst

I like Christmas morning because I open up all the presents. I like shopping. I give everyone in my family a present. I love baking Christmas cookies with my mom. My favorite one is the gingerbread boy. I love playing in the snow. I have snowball fights with my brother. He can make a bigger fort than me. Christmas is fun.
By Mason, son of Allen & Laura Danosky

On Christmas I drink eggnog. I decorate my Christmas tree. I go and see lights at the zoo. I make a list of things I want. I hope I get two kittens. What I want this year is a video game called WiiPlay Resort. I celebrate with my family. I love Christmas!
By Brandt, son of Blake & Danielle Manns

The Glons' tradition is holly leaves. We open presents youngest to oldest. I'm going to have a Christmas party. What do you get when you have Rudolph? A rud reindeer that jumps olph a cliff! I want an electric kit. It will be the best Christmas ever!
By Harrison, son of Roberta Glon and Matt Stechschulte