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January 15, 2021

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All that Icon fan mail!

The Icon receives fan mail nearly every day. Through the Supporters of the Bluffton Icon on Facebook, here are comments received since early November. We are currently updating our supporters list. Supporters receive special perks from time to time. If you are a regular viewer, you might consider joining.

Corrinne Boehr
Thank you for your creative GIFT of the ICon-- a treat that last all year!!

Nancy Patterson Fruchey
Thanks for all of the up to date Bluffton news. I love the Bluffton Icon.

Linda Baber Zwinski
I enjoy the Bluffton Icon and am impressed with its growth in the couple months I have been looking at it. It was also fun just to look at the posts on this site to see how many names I recognized from school!

Barbara Chappell
I check you out every morning with my first cup of tea.
Jenny Sylak
So glad to finally have a place I can get the REAL Bluffton news :)
Mary Polese
I just joined the Bluffton Icon, I live in California now. Now I can keep up on what's happening in my home town!

Angie Essinger
I love the Bluffton Icon!!! Thanks

Beth Lamb
What a GREAT job...THIS is the news for Bluffton!!

Paula Reichenbach White
Thanks for putting up the COSI pics at the elementary school! I know my child had a blast today!

Anna Selfridge
Keep up the great work!

John Sylak
Great job! The Icon is my little internet home away from home now that I'm out in California.

Jessica Marvin Luke
This is great! Thanks Bluffton Icon, now I can read keep up with the news all the way down here in Charleston, S.C.

Amy Romey
Feels like we've really moved into the 21st century with this wonderful reader-friendly electronic newspaper!

Nancy Yeager
We have a special icon on the desktop for the Icon. Thanks. It's great.

Dianna Reis
Thanks Bluffton Icon, now I keep up with local news when away from home.

Melanie Mathewson
Thanks I just added the Bluffton Icon to my favorites. Love it! Keep up the good work.

Deb Weihrauch
I love Bluffton Icon. Finally news that is news and not what the leaders want us to hear!

Angela Palte
Yeah and it took me longer than 5 minutes to read!! Definitely a plus for Bluffton.

Sonia Cupples
I'm lovin' Icon.

Nathan Steiner
Looking forward to "Bluffton Icon This Morning with Fred Steiner" radio show edition.

Becky Bryan Jackman
Great Icon, keep up the good work.

Peg Murphy
I really enjoy Bluffton Icon. There is always something to brighten my day. Keep up the good work.

Connie Patterson Kear
I sure enjoy reading the BlufftonIcon from Houston.

Jami Shannon Crawfis
Love it!

Susan Sommer
Love the Icon in Illinois.

Benjamin Nelson Luginbuhl
The Icon and I meet almost every morning over coffee and cereal! Thanks for the great read. Great to get the latest 2,000 miles away!

Pauline Watts
Pauline Watts The Bluffton Icon is a wonderful service to Bluffton and the
surrounding community. The Icon is a wonderful online news source.

Terri Fruchey Baer
I enjoy the Bluffton Icon. Thanks for the nice write up on Grandma Patterson's 99th.