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January 15, 2021

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Citizens National Bank offers new bill payment system

Citizens National Bank has announced that a bill payment product, provided through CheckFree, a leader in the bill payment industry, is available to all its online banking customers, according to Michael Romey, CNB president.

"The service will provide the time-saving benefit and convenience of paying all bills from one website. Additionally, several improvements will make tracking customer bill payments and finances even easier," he said.

CNB bill payment improvements include:

  • -Vendor search - Add new vendors by typing in the company name. If a match is found in the database, the vendor's information will be added automatically.
  • -Scheduling payments by the due date - Enter the date you would like your vendor to receive your payment, and CNBwe take care of getting it there on time.
  • -More control - Your money will remain in the bank account until the day you select the payment be made to your vendor. Many more vendors will now receive electronic payments, which is the quickest way to pay.
  • -Payment reminders - As customers set up reminders, they receive a message telling them when their payment is due. Customers may also sign up to receive electronic bills from many vendors, eliminating paper statements.
  • -Make recurring payments - This option for payments that don't change from month to month - such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • -See it all at a glance! - The Payment Center lets customers make payments and view pending payments, recent payments and bill reminders all on the same screen.

All current CNB bill payment customers were automatically converted to the new system.