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January 22, 2019

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Letter: A little more about Jack Earl


Jack and I both graduated from BC in 1956 and both of us roomed with John E. Rogers III who also graduated with us. John was from Manchester, CT and was a janitor in Ropp Hall for a time.

Jack painted a floor to ceiling mural on the south wall of their room just off the third floor porch in Ropp Hall. The mural depicts John with his trade-mark huge smile holding a push broom. Don't know if it's still there.

John was the best man at our wedding in 1959 and I was his in 1960. John was a physics and math major and died in 1982. His son graduated from BC in 1984. Jack also did the bronze cover for our class box.

The cover, which is still visible as a part of the display inside the front door of College Hall, held up better than the box which had holes allowing rain to enter and ruin all of the interesting commentaries inside.

Sam Diller