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June 25, 2016


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Breaded pork chops the way they like them at Maple Crest

Breaded pork chops

2 c. seasoned bread crumbs

1/2 c. grated parmesan crumbs

1 T. garlic powder

2 T. parsley flakes

3/4 tsp. salt

Dash of pepper

2 eggs

1/4 c. milk

Pork chops (any amoung up to 24 to 26 chops)

Mix all dry ingredients together. In separate dish, beat eggs. Add milk. Wash and drain pork chops. Dip chops in egg mixture then in bread crumb mixture.

Place well oiled baking pan. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake 1 1/2 hours at 375 degrees. When tender, remove foil and bake until lightly browned (about 15 minutes).

Any left over bread crumb mixture can be refrigerated for months, in Tupperware type container.

This recipe was used Jan. 19 at the noon meal at Maple Crest (from the February Maple Crest newsletter.