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Steve Reichenbach

May 22, 2018

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Check out this extremely long list of volunteers at MMH and Maple Crest

Dr. Oliver Lugibihl,  one of many volunteers

The Mennonite Memorial Home and Maple Crest Senior Living Village honored their volunteers at a special reception March 30. The reception was held at The Mennonite Memorial Home chapel. Staff and residents took time to thank those who came for all they did throughout the year. Each volunteer received a gift bag to take home.

The Mennonite Memorial Home has over 250 volunteers working in different positions at the Home. These volunteers have logged in 3,917 hours at MMH. That's 75 hours a week that volunteers are giving to MMH, which is almost two full-time employees.

"We feel very blessed to have every minute that volunteers give. These volunteers have done a variety of jobs like, driving and transportation, mail delivery, providing organ and piano music, passing the shopping cart, hosting and assisting residents with meals, activities and more," said Julie Stratton of the Home. "There is also the Mobile Meals program which delivers hot, nutritious meals to people who are home bound. These volunteers delivered over 3,000 meals in 2009."

The Women's Service Group also volunteers in many areas throughout the Mennonite Home. They help with the annual soup supper, bake sales, special activities, birthday celebrations, and managing the vending machines.

Maple Crest has over 130 volunteers that help throughout the year and donated 1,574 hours. They volunteer in many areas such as: visiting new residents, helping with Birthday parties, playing games and calling bingo, serving at special events, assembling baby bags for the Bluffton Hospital, leading craft sessions, decorating the building, polishing finger nails, and many other things.

Persons interested in volunteering at either campus may call Mary Ann Ring at Mennonite Memorial Home, 419-358-1015 or Debbie Mohr at Maple Crest, 419-358-7654.


Maple Crest residents:
Celia Blough,
Inara Brubaker,
Anne Buller,
Marilyn Bullock,
Rosalie Dosh,
Durand Dudley,
Clarence and Mary Ann Kooker,
Dwight and Donna Lutz,
Ernie Porzelius,
Donnas Stone,
Russel and Jean Suter,
Pearl Williamson,
Annie Balmer,
Naomi Bosse,
Lucille Bucher,
Millie Burkholder,
Betty Cass,
Vera Core,
Helen Driver,
Dorothy Eastman,
Royce and Betty Engle,
Louise Farling,
Genevieve Fast,
Beulah Griffith,
Claude Harmon,
Arthur and Jo Ann Hilty,
Margaret Houshower,
Mary Huffer,
Darrel Kirkendall,
Earl and Edith Lehman,
Esther Luginbuhl,
Joanne Niswander,
Eloise Schick,
Marcile Suter,
Jean Szabo,
Claralice Wolf,
Margie Badertscher,
Richard and Betty Cookson,
Bureeda Hackworth,
Ruth Hall,
Helen Hilty,
Charles and Treva Kinsinger.

Community members who volunteer at Maple Crest:

Bob and Joanne Avers,
Marlene Baumgartner,
Roger Brodman,
Betty Burkholder,
Curt Burkholder,
Bob and Dorothy Bush,
Birch Carpenter,
Tammy Diller,
Kayla Dukes,
Denny Edinger,
Carol Edwards,
Kayne Edwards,
Maeola Fett,
Joan Fredericks,
Dan Gerdeman,
Kara Gratz,
Kevin Gratz,
Sandy Hall,
Kimberly Hansen,
Cole Harlow,
Sunita Hooley,
Nancy Honse and Amber,
Norm Hostetler,
Austin Housh,
Betty Huss,
Susan Jones,
Bryan Kaufman,
Marian Kissling,
Kelly Koronich and Kody,
Pat McCafferty,
Earlene Metz,
Basil Meyer,
Gabe Meyer,
Toby Molands,
Rob Neff,
Joanne Overmyer,
Carol Reigle,
Nancy Schneck,
Sandy Schroll,
Tim Schumacher and family,
Nancy Schweingruber,
Dakota Setzer,
Gary and Lisa Shank and A.J. and Cody,
Marilyn Shelly,
Ralph Steiner,
Treva Stratton,
David Voth,
Vanessa Wilson,
Heidi Wise,
Winford and Elaine Bauman,
Jo Clemens,
Mary Fett,
Sue Fett,
Jimmy Fruchey,
Ted Mayberry,
Elizabeth McDowell,
Jayne McGarrity,
Faye McKibben,
John and Carrie Miller,
Janette Reineke,
Amy Romey,
Della Salter,
Canda Schmutz,
Wayne and Treva Shafer.

Maple Crest Staff who volunteer at Maple Crest:

Jackie Frey,
Amy Kaufman,
Anita Molands,
Tom Reimund, and
Kay Spallinger.

Volunteers at the Mennonite Memorial Home

Rev. Wayne Albertson
Virgil Allgire
Amy Amstutz
Erma Augsburger
Annette Augsburger
Anita & Dave Augsburger
Nancy Badertscher
Jim & Ruth Badertscher
Richard & Marylin Basinger
Vera Basinger
Jeannine Basinger
Lynn & Betty Basinger
Gene Basinger
Barb Bassitt
Joan Bauman
Elaine & Winford Bauman
Monica Beck
Marilyn Bishop
Jeff Boehr
Deb & Duane Bollenbacher
Pam Bowman
Kathy Brauen
Allen Brown
Brenda Byers
Renee Caskie
Jo Clemens
Tim Closson
Mary Coletta
Gary & Nancy Crawford
Lori Creeger
Bill & Jo Croft
Dick and Linda Cupples
Rick Davies
Rev. Tom Dearth
Jannie Derstine
Joan Diller
John Diller
Marvin & Gloria Diller
Rev. Jack Duffy
Jewel Dukes
Ryan Dunlap
Anne-Marie Duval
Helen Edinger
Larry & Val Eikenbary
Rev. David Elkins
Valerie Emans
Karen Emans
Nettie Ferrall Denise Fett
Mary Fett
Gary & Linda Fleming
Bob Flick
Rev. John Foster
Connie French
Kathy Fricke
Jimmie Fruchey
Nancy Fruchey
Leland Garmatter
Sharon Garmatter
Margie Geiger
Ralph & Melba Gerber
Frank Gibbs
John Gilbert
Susie & Jan Gilliland
Rev. Ryan Grace
Morris & Carol Groman
Emilie Hamman
Elaine Harris
Joyce Harris
Ken & Rhody Hartman
Ruth Hefner
Dorothy Hensel
Gloria Herr
Mary Ann Herr
The Herrmann Family
JoAnn Hilty
Brigette Hoff
Cindy Honse
Marty & Lowell Hostetler
Libby Hostetler
Don & Joyce Hostetler
Stan Hunt
Sister Carol Inkrott
Steve (Tig) Intagliata
Tim Jackson
Annie Janzen
Neil Kehler
Elizabeth Kelly
Dave King
Darrell Kirkendall
Shirley Kisor
Keith Klingler
Marg LaFollette
Bob & Miriam Lee
Lori Lewis
Rev. Jerry Lewis
Dorothy & Gene Long
Pat & Oliver Lugibihl
Donita Luginbill
John & Julie Mackey
Paula Massillo
Sue Mathewson
Melanie Mathewson
Denny Maurer
Ted Mayberry
Rev. Brandon Mayden
Anabel McBride
George & Sara McCune
Elizabeth McDowell
Richard & Jayne McGarrity
Faye McKibben
Ron Michel
Kathleen Mikkelsen
Linda Miller
Naomi Miller
John & Carrie Miller
Rev. Kevin Mohr
Larry & Ginny Moser
John & Mary Ann Moser
Rev. John Mummert
Peg Murphy
Ruth Naylor
Iris Neufeld
Janice & Stan Newton
Jean Parent
Amy Parthemore
Connie Patten
Teresa Pinks
George Pirtle
David & Sylvia Pletcher
Ernie Porzelius
Dick Potter
Rev. Steve Ramsey
Bob & Alice Ruth Ramseyer
Mike Reichenbach
Joy Reichenbach
Joyce & Jack Reigle
Sam & Janette Reineke
Dave & Lenore Reiter
Rev. Steve Renfrow
Kevin Rex
John Rich
Kelly Ridge
Missy Ritter
Rev. Donald Rock
Amy Romey
Teresa Romick
Jill Rumer
Mark & Theresa Schechter
Terry Schey
Canda Schmutz
Ken Schumacher
Flossie Sehlhorst
Wayne & Treva Shafer
Dixie Shaffer
Mike, Susan, Brittany, Michael & Erica Sheehan
Pat & Dennis Sheidler
Howard Shelly
Elizabeth Shelly
Sam & Jan Shields
Daryl Shields
Harry Shrider
Mary Lou Shrider
Ann Shumaker
Lorrinda Smith
Willis Sommer
Betty Sommer
Shirley Sommer
Rev. Brian Stark
Bill and Joan Steiner
Sharl & Nancy Steiner
Dorothy Steiner
Bruce Steinhard
Barb Stettler
Julie Stratton
Elnora Stratton
Bill Suter
The Probst Family
Marcia Thomas
Lynn Thompson
Bob Thompson
Rev. Dave Thompson
Rev. Dave Underwood
Ruth Unrau
Rev. Lewis VanderNaald
Laura Voth
Rev. Charles Warren
Dottie Wehrle
Hearold Weihrauch
Rev. Louise Wideman
Wilbur Willeke
Nancy & Ed Yeager
Julie Yoder
Rev. Steve Yoder
Darrel & Mary Yoder
Burton & Elnore Yost
Kay Ziessler