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May 22, 2018

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Dear Santa...letters from Icon kids

The Bluffton Icon, Bluffton Post Office and Bluffton Senior Citizens invite youth in the community to write letters to Santa Claus. A special delivery box is located in the lobby of the post office. All letters delivered there will be printed in The Icon. Letters with complete mailing addresses will be answered by members of the Senior Citizens Center.

Dec. 23

Dear Santa (hand-written by Amy)

Merry Christmas. My brothers have ben good and i have to. How is Mrs. Claus? My mom hs ben baking a lot of treat this year. I would like for Christmas a new robe and a new dollhouse with Barbies in it and some new slippers and some new paints.

From: Amy (Jebsen)
To: Santa

Dear Santa (hand-written by Nicholas)

We are excited for you to come! My brother and sister have been very good this year. (I have too). I have gotten some snow last night and this morning and I got to play in it! My mom has made lots of godies this winter and we are saving some for when you come! It was freezing out in the snow today brrrr!

We are making a snowman craft today. My favorite football team is the Steelers and they beat the bengals today (Pit 23 Ben 7)! Here are a list of toys I would like for Christmas: A Ben Roethlisberger football jersey, some steelers pants that go with it, a Ben Roethlisberger football helmet that fits me, a clone trooper suit and a remote controled car. Please don't feel rushed. And some football cards.


Nicholas Jebsen

Dec. 20

Dear Santa
How are you? I am fine, and having fun at Lama Camp. Here I am with Mama, CoCo. We are in the most toasty maternity ward. I am pretty new at this stuff, but Tuffy, Santa Fe and some others here said I better write you a letter for Christmas! Apparently they have all written you in the past, and they wanted me to tell you they are all grown up and very happy (but they told me to ask you for some warm weather as you come through Bluffton.) Brrrr. I don't know how you survive the weather at the North Pole!

Here is a picture of me when I was born. Not my best side, I know.

Mama says in the Spring we go run in the pasture, but for the time being I have to grow big and strong and get past this cold weather.

But enough about me, how are you? I have heard a lot about you, Mrs. Claus and Rudolph. Are you all coming here this year? Can I get Rudolph's autograph? Can I get a red nose? Can he teach me to fly when I get bigger? Will your elves ever visit the farm?

So many questions...but I have time to grow up and learn the answers. I have my Mama and my buddies, so I don't really need anything for Christmas. I hope you have a safe trip, and dress warm!!!

Say hi to everybody at the post office. See you soon. Your new best pal,

Coco Puff

Dear Santa,

I want a Playstation3. I have been a good boy this year!
Kyle Kinn

Dear Santa,
I want a mini laptop 4 x-mas, please I really want one.
Love, thanks
Kaylee Kinn

Dear Santa,
My name is Karson Hauenstein. I hope you and your reindeer are doing good at the North Pole. I have been a very good girl this year. I would like a Zooblies Treehouse and a dinosaur rock cave for Christmas. And I would also like a Teacup Piggy and sea creatures. My family and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
P.S. Enjoy the cookies and milk.
Karson Hauenstein

I want a microscope and a science kit.
Carter Dailey

Dear Santa: (hand-written by Caitlin)
Christmas list:
My best friend, corans, markers, a Christmas bell, pink Christmas tree, pink Santa whith my name on it, jump rope, Paint, tape, Hello Kitty traser, spiy hat and jol kit.
Caitlin Dailey

Dear Santa:
I have tried my best to be a good girl this year. For Christmas this year, I would like a Rapunzel blanket and Rapunzel pillow. I would also like Princess Bell and Princess Ariel stuff. I also hope you bring me a Rainbow Dash stuffed My Little Pony. I also want some Lincoln Logs so I have more of them to build with. You can also have your elves see if they could make me a Rapunzel sleeping bag. I loved sitting on your lap twice this year. I was very brae, as last year I was scared to sit on your lap.
P.S. I colored a picture for you.
Kaelin Weissling

Dear Santa:
For Christmas this year I would like something to put in my mouth and chew on as I am teething. I also love to bang toys together, so would like something that makes lots of noise! I loved sitting on your lap and playing with your beard!
Cole Joseph Wessling, (7 months)

Dear Santa:
I was good this year. I do my homework when I'm told and my piano level is 2a. I help my little sister. Would you please bring me some Bakugan battle gear, Star Wars Legos and a Lego Police Command Center? My little sister Rebecca would like a small plastic pony, some bubbles and a fairy wand.
Thank you
Patrick Estell

Dear Santa (hand-written by Hayley)
I relley wold like you to get my friends stuff the most of all and a coupel things for me like icarly stuff and icarly dolls. That's all.
From Hayley M. Bosworth

Dear Santa,
How are you? How is your wife? How are the reindeer? How are the elves? This year I would like a Barbie Doll that looks like a ballerina. I would also like a 6 inch mini doll of Samantha and Josefina. One of the two, please. My brother wants a stuffed Buzz Light year. I also want a remote control car. For Christmas I would like two or one of the things I said, please. Tell everyone at the North Pole "Merry Christmas!" And Merry Christmas to you.
Love Dana Voll

Dec. 11

Dear Santa,

My name is Levi. I am 3 years old. I want a big monster truck I can push on the floor. I will put cookies and milk in the kitchen for you and reindeer food on the sidewalk outside.

Merry Christmas
Levi Clum

Dec. 9
Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. On Dec. 9 I'm taking a lemo to Pizza Hutt. Santa, I want a Playstation 2 game called North American Adventures. I also want a Big Tex Hoster set. I want a floor jack and a jack stand set and a My Sims D.S. game.

Your friend
Waylon Lathrop

Dec. 9
Dear Santa

Sorry to say, but this year again I haven't been the best boy I can be. I just turned 5 on Dec. 8 and got some cool stuff. My favorite thing is John Deere anything. I also like space stuff now. Some things I would like are a space dump truck, games (John Deere for family fun time), and I would like the new Leapster Explorer and a football game that goes with it. I really like the Cleveland Brown! I would also like some race cars. I could use one more tractor or so #8020. I'm trying to listen more - and be a good boy. Hope you have a safe trip delivering all those toys. Say hi to Rudolph for me.

Kyle Lathrop

Dear Santa,

I'm Reagan. I'm 6 years old. This is what I want: I want a guitar for Christmas, an American girl suitcase, and the American girl Felicity doll. Do you bring live puppies? I rily want a corgi poo puppy. I've been good. What king of cookies do you like. I am silly.
Love Reagan Mittendorf

Dear Santa,

I'm Thad. I'm 8 years old. I want a drum set. I would also like an R/C car for Christmas. Do you bring hamsters for presents? The reason I asked is because I want one. I want a teddy bear hamster. I have been very good this year I think. What kind of cookies would you like? Would you like us to leave carrots for the raindeer?
Love, Thad Mittendorf

Dear Santa:

For Christmas I would like an ipod to list to music. Then I would like some more games, like Mario Brothers, My Sims, Sky Heroes and Just Dance for the Wii.
Sincerely,^aEUR" Gabby Scott^aEUR"
Please write back and merry Christmas!

Dear Santa:

I want a 6 leotard, a Barbie house, an Ameican Girl, an ipod and a Magic Tree House.
Jasmine Whitlow