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Kathy Kinn Housh

April 19, 2018

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Bluffton teachers agree to freeze base salaries

Complete agenda is available as an attachment at the bottom of this story.

Bluffton teachers agreed to freeze their base salaries for three years. The action took place at the April Bluffton school board meeting on Monday. In addition, teachers agreed to not take step increases in 2011-12.

In March the Bluffton school administrators agreed to no pay raises in 2011-12.

The action comes as the school district faces a potential $400,000 loss in state money next year, according to Greg Denecker, superintendent.

The current contract with Bluffton's certified staff ends on June 30. The new contract runs through June 30, 2014. The school board will next meet with classified staff, whose contract also ends June 30.

The following certified contracts for 2011-12 were approved on Monday: Andrew Armstrong, $49,004; Ashley Blair, $38,446; Jared Byers, $35,750; Ryan Dunlap, $36,970; Annie Gill, $41,302; Alex Hanna, $42,875; Julie Heckman, $36,681; Scott Hoff, $53,626.

Rachael Lewis, (3/8 time), $21,157; Jessica Mayberry, $34,018; Kathleen Moser, $42,843; Paul Quint, $41,399; Pam Raabe, $55,615; Gordon Shivley, $44,287; Jane Steinmetz, $53,209; Heidi Steiner, (1/2 time), $21,422; Amanda Veidt, $36,681.

Classified contract approved follow:

Christopher Laue, custodian; Daryl Shields, custodian; Larry Diller, bus driver; George Stechschulte, bus driver; Kathleen Bishop, educational aide; Jacquelyn Busch, part-time cafeteria worker; Melissa Ritter, part-time cafeteria worker.

Supplemental contracts were offered for 2011-12. Those are listed in the attachment to this story. A contract of note is that the board hired Eric Garmatter as its head girl's basketball coach. He replaced Dennis Lee who retired from that coaching spot at the end of these season.