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March 23, 2017

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Jean's Fresh Cranberry Relish

Just a bit late for Thanksgiving - but we serve this with poultry and pork all year.
The texture and flavor are a perfect foil for the somewhat bland recipes often served for holiday season. My Grandmother Vanden Brink was the first person who I recall having made this recipe. She used her old hand grinder - attached to the side of the kitchen table - handle slowly turned, to prevent the squirting of those pesky cranberries.
The relish freezes well and keeps through several months.

Jean T. Long

Jean's Fresh Cranberry Relish

Two, one-pound bags of fresh cranberries; washed, picked over carefully.
Two crisp apples (not "Delicious"), cored (but not peeled) and sliced into small enough pieces to fit into the grinder - Cuisinart - etc.
Two good oranges, peeled.
One and a half cups of finely chopped celery (set aside - this does not go into the grinder).
One cup of Pecan pieces (halfs are elegant ) - this does not go into the grinder either.
Two small / one large "Jello" packet = raspberry flavor (not sugar-free).

Run the cranberries, apple pieces and oranges through your 'grinder' - coarse grind. (I use the grinding mechanism that fits the front of my KitchenAid mixer). The crunch of this recipe depends on a coarse mix - not mushy!
In a large bowl, add to that mixture, the celery, pecans and jello. Sneak a taste.....wow!
This is best cold, but does not 'set up' for a mold. Too much fruit.
Enjoy in good health!