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Bluffton council picks Everett Collier as newest council member

Everett Collier, Bluffton's newest council member

Bluffton council removed its "vacancy" sign Monday evening. Bluffton's recently retired postmaster, Everett Collier was sworn in to fill the vacant council seat left when Eric Fulcomer resigned to become mayor.

Collier was appointed by council and was one of six persons interviewed for the opening last week, according to Dennis Gallant, council president. Because Collier fills a vacancy, his council term will be for two years instead of four.

Collier graduated from Bluffton College 1975 as a speech and communication major.
On Aug. 1 he retired as Bluffton postmaster, a position he's held for near 13 years. He and his wife, Susan, live on Eugro Court, off Garmatter Street.

Here's the 2012 make up of Bluffton's council:
o Everett Collier
o Dennis Gallant
o Mitch Kingsley
o Richard McGarrity
o Joe Sehlhorst
o David Steiner

In other Monday action, council okayed by emergency an ordinance accepting a petition to annex property from Richland Township. The property now extends the village limits on North Dixie Highway all the way south to Southgate Lanes bowling alley.

Also passed by emergency was a resolution allowing the mayor to enter into an agreement with Richland Township trustees. The agreement involves the tax issues for the newly annexed properties.