April 18, 2014

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Dick Cookson joins an elite club: 60-year member of the Bluffton American Legion

The accolades for Dick Cookson never seem to stop.

Recently the Bluffton Senior Citizens Association honored Dick and his wife, Betty, for their efforts in helping to launch the Bluffton Senior Citizens-Lions Club pancake and sausage breakfast. The Cooksons were involved in the "ground floor" of the event...and that was 30 years ago.

Earlier this year, the Icon posted a photo from the Bluffton centennial pageant from 1961. The photo showed a re-enactment of the John Dillinger robbery. Dick was part of the re-enactment.

Then there's Dick and his quilts. How many quilts has he created. He probably knows, but we've lost count.

Dick and Betty have also been recognized by the Bluffton Lions Club as co-citizens of the year a couple years ago.

When you think Dick's run out of honors, along comes the Bluffton American Legion Post 382. Earlier this month the Post presented Dick with a 60-year membership plaque. Dick is a World War II veteran, and life-long Bluffton resident. The plaque was presented by Larry Core of the Post.

Just out of curiosity, The Icon "Googled" Dick to see how often he's been featured in The Icon. Here is just a sampling of what we found:






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