April 21, 2014

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Rhythm In Motion Dance Centre' students have busy spring performing and competing

Eighteen Rhythm In Motion Dance Centre students performed during a Cleveland Cavs NBA basketball game in February.

The piece the dancers performed titled "Girls" was choreographed by Bluffton's Jocelyn Sherman and directed by RIMDC owner Darcey Schneider.

"Their number is an explosive choreographed piece that features dancers ages 6-17 from the Lima, Ada, Upper Scioto Valley and Bluffton area schools," said Schneider. "The dancers once again dazzled the crowd in their unique, sequin and sparkle costumes that complimented their professional and clean routine."

2013 Outback Bowl
Many of these dancers will travel to the 2013 Outback Bowl football game in Tampa, Fla., to perform with a select group of performers and dancers during the pregame and halftime performances.

The group of 20 dancers is currently raising money to cover the cost of a trip.

"If your organization is looking for a talented group to entertain at your next function, call Schneider at 419-236-7651 to set up a performance to help raise money for these dancers.

Spring session starts March 22
The studio currently has classes for ages 2 through adults. Spring session of technique classes start March 22. No registration required to participate in spring tech classes.

"We are also taking registration for our fall 2012 classes," said Schneider. " Registration fees are required for the fall 2012 classes."

Dance Mom's class starts March 26
"Are you an adult looking for a fun and easy way to get your body in shape for the summer sun?" asks Schneider. "Or are looking for a high- energy class that will work your muscles in a new way and learn basics in Hip Hop?"

"Dance Mom's" class starts March 26. RIMDC offers a nine-week Hip Hop session to teach the newest moves. Performance in the studio's spring recital is optional. Cost is $55 due by March 22. This class is open to the public.

The RIMDC competition team competed in its first competition of 2012 in Dayton at the Nexstar National Dance Competition.
RIMDC has 15 technically trained dancers on its 2012 team.

All members were required to audition for spots on the team in the summer of 2011. Dancers are ages 6-17, from the Lima, Ada, Upper Scioto Valley and Bluffton.

Three performance numbers were entered: Got No Strings, Performed by the Petite Team, and Kiss & Turning Tables, both performed by the Teen Team.

Got No Strings - tap dance choreographed by Darcey Schneider and performed by Evelynn Schneider, Libby Frazier, Reagan Mittendorf, Kylie Colewell and Shaina Phillips received a High Gold, 1st place in its division and 3rd place overall high score.

Kiss - tap dance choreographed by Darcey Schneider and performed by Erica Stoner, Kelsey Zimmerly, Kendra Paul, Celeste Stauber, Katie Frazier, Amelia Heslep and Olyvia Sloan received a High Gold, 1st Place in its division and 2nd place overall high score.

Turning Tables - lyrical dance choreographed by Darcey Schneider and performed by Neva Adams, Ashley Schweyer, Erica Stoner, Kelsey Zimmerly, Kendra Paul, Katie Frazier, Amelia Heslep and Olyvia Sloan received a High Gold, 1st Place in its division, and 3rd place overall high score.

Dancer will be compete next at Starbound in Columbus, and Cathy Roe in Mason.

Visit RIMDC website www.rimdancecentre.com for pictures and Facebook page for a video of the 2012 Cavs prime time performance.


Got No Strings:
Front from left: Reagan Mittendorf (Bluffton), Libby Frazier (Bluffton)
Back from left: Evelynn Schneider (Lima), Kylie Colewell (Ada), Shaina Phillips (Ada)

Front: Erica Stoner (Ada)
Middle from left: Celeste Stauber (Bluffton), Katie Frazier (Bluffton)
Back from left: Kelsey Zimmerly (Ada), Amelia Heslep (Bluffton), Kendra Paul (Ada), Oylvia Sloan (USV)

Nexstar group with awards:
Front from left: Shaina Phillips (Ada), Kylie Colewell (Ada), Evelynn Schneider (Lima), Libby Frazier (Bluffton), Reagan Mittendorf (Bluffton)
Middle from left: Erica Stoner (Ada), Amelia Heslep (Bluffton), Neva Adams (Bluffton), Olyvia Sloan (USV)
Top from left: Ashley Schweyer (Bluffton), Katie Frazier (Bluffton), Celeste Stauber (Bluffton), Kendra Paul (Ada), Kelsey Zimmerly (Ada)

VIP team:
RIMDC Cavs performance team in the VIP section at the Q, front from left: Shaina Phillips (Ada), Erica Stoner (Ada), Eveylnn Schneider (Lima)
Row 2 from the bottom from left: Kylie Colewell (Ada), Celeste Stauber (Bluffton), Libby Frazier (Bluffton)
Row 2 frrm the top from left: Reagan Mittendorf (Bluffton), Amelia Heslep (Bluffton), Ashley Schweyer (Bluffton), Olyvia Sloan (USV), Kendra Paul (Ada), Dani Vassil-Horse (Ada)
Top from left: Darby Prichard (Bluffton), Neva Adams (Bluffton), Katie Frazier (Bluffton), Annabel Pinkney (Ada), Kelsey Zimmerly (Ada), Kama Arn (Ada)

Turning Tables:
Front from left: Katie Frazier (Bluffton), Olyvia Sloan (USV), Kelsey Zimmerly (Ada), Ashley Schweyer (Bluffton), Amelia Heslep (Bluffton)
Back from left: Kendra Paul (Ada), Neva Adams (Bluffton), Erica Stoner (Ada)