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The Icon spotted "CHEER 63" in the Ada school parking lot in September. Look for it in a white Chevy Traverse LTE. Does it belong for a former cheerleader born in 1963? That's our best guess.

Do you have an interesting license plate? Send a photo to info@blufftonicon.com. Don't forget to tell us the plate's meaning.

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Bluffton EMS responds to 40 calls in March

Bluffton EMS Docket - March 2012

Date Type of call
03/01/2012 MVC St. Rte. 103
03/01/2012 Medical Bluffton University
03/01/2012 Medical E. College
03/02/2012 Medical W. Elm St.
03/02/2012 Medical Lawn Ave.
03/02/2012 Medical Garau St.
03/02/2012 Fire CR 313
03/03/2012 Medical MMH
03/03/2012 Transport Garau
03/04/2012 Medical MMH
03/05/2012 MVC I 75
03/05/2012 MVC U.S. 30
03/07/2012 Mutual Aid N. Main St. in Beaverdam
03/08/2012 Medical MMH
03/08/2012 Medical S. Main St.
03/09/2012 Transport Garau
03/09/2012 Medical MMH
03/09/2012 Medical Diller Rd.
03/10/2012 Medical SR 235
03/11/2012 MVC Road 3 and Road P
03/11/2012 Medical Vance St.
03/12/2012 Medical DTR
03/13/2012 Medical Cherry Street
03/13/2012 Medical Garau St.
03/14/2012 Medical MMH
03/17/2012 Medical College and Main
03/19/2012 Medical Spring St.
03/20/2012 Medical Vance St.
03/20/2012 Medical Garau
03/21/2012 Medical Sunset
03/24/2012 Medical Sunset
03/25/2012 Fire Commerce lane
03/25/2012 Medical E. Jefferson
03/26/2012 Fire/Mutual Aid E. Lincoln Hwy
03/27/2012 Medical College Ave.
03/29/2012 Medical Sycamore Ct.
03/29/2012 Medical Magnolia
03/30/2012 Medical MMH
03/30/2012 Stand By with PD EMS Garage
03/30/2012 Medical E. College
03/31/2012 Medical Vance St.