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January 31, 2015

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Letter: Basketball courts at the Buckeye Park


Why aren't there lights for the basketball courts at the Buckeye Park? It looks like it is set up to house lights since they have poles and the electrical work inside of the poles but someone took them out.

One way to keep kids out of trouble and healthy is to keep them occupied with activities such as basketball. In the summer and spring it becomes impossible to play basketball when the sun sets even though that is the best time to play.

It's often impossible to play during the day when the sun is out in the summer. The lights wouldn't need to be on long (from sunset until half an hour before curfew).

Also, all of the hoops are different sizes at the park. Two of the hoops are taller than the regulation 10 foot size and one of the hoops is shorter than the regulation size. Only one hoop is usable for games.

How do we get these issues fixed?

Brandon Huber