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Crystal Leach Warren

May 21, 2018

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Get out your fishing gear - the trout derby is Sunday

Get out your fishing gear. It's that time again.

The Bluffton Sportmen's Club's annual trout derby is Sunday at the Buckeye Park. This year the club will honored Tom Augsburger as the number one tagged trout.

"Ole Augie" honors Augsburger, who has served as the club president for over 22 years. Tom is part of the first "father-son" team to share the number one trout honor. Tom's father, Ralph, was recognized by the club when it named the number one trout in his honor in 1983.

On Friday March 9, 400 pounds of trout were stocked in the Buckeye and club members report great fishing conditions. An additional supply of trout went in the Buckeye this week as this year's fish were tagged for the derby.

The Club will hold a chicken barbecue during this year's trout derby.
Serving starts at 11 a.m. Pickup is at the Sportmen's Club depot on Spring Street. Dinners may be eaten at the derby or take home.

One-half barbecue chicken with green beans, potato, salad and roll is $7. Tickets are available from club members or on the day of the derby while supply lasts.

Membership Info
Ages 14 and up - $30
Ages 13 and under - $10
Memberships available at:
Family True Value Hardware
Riley Creek Mercantile
Kibbes Carryout
Ted's Market
50-50 Tickets
Tickets for both 50-50 and spring raffle are now avalible
Spring Raffle
Tickets $1 each, or 8 for $5.00

Quarter Beef from Montgomery Farms
Quarter Beef From Montgomery Farms
$200 cash
$100 cash
$75 cash
$50 cash
$25 cash
Free massage from Robin McDowell ($30 Value)
And some extra prizes!

Membership dues for 2012 allow fishing in the Buckeye and National Quarry. Dues are $30 for persons 14 and older and $10 for persons 13 and under.
Daily Limits
4 Trout, 15 Blue Gills, 20 Crappies, 10 Perch, 5 Bass, 4 Walleye Release all others Badge must be visibly displayed while fishing. Bass & Walleye: must be 14 inches or over.
Species of fish in both quarries include: Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Trout, Perch, Walleye, Catfish, and Stripped Bass.

Club officers:
Tom Augsburger, president
Ryan Motter, vice-president
Ron Schmutz, treasurer
Andy Herrmann, secretary
Roger Hoffman
Jerry Edinger
Mark Zimmerman
Lucas Herrmann
Ron Neidemire
Dale Neidemire
Keith Zimmerman
Marvin Maag
Wilbur Bracy
George McCune
J.W. Shannon
John Beach
Greg Moser
Dennis Kagy