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March 29, 2017

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Ada man snags "Ole Augie" during derby; goes home with $1,157.50

It was a pretty good day for fishing. Just ask Robbert Tidd of Ada, or Elmer Noble of Lima, or Wyatt Matter of Bluffton, or Jeff Huff of McComb.

Turns out "Old Augie," named after Bluffton Sportsmen's Club president, Tom Augsburger, tagged trout number one, was snagged by Tidd. The Ada fisherman took home $1,157.50.

Huff of McComb won the 50-50 drawing and also took home $1,157.50. Noble didn't win cash, but took home bragging rights for catching the longest trout. It measured 20 1/2 inches.

Wyatt Matter didn't do too bad either. He was the first at the derby to catch the first trout limit of the day.

There were other winners.

Raffle winners and their prizes follow:
Heath Mikesell, Bluffton, split side of beef
Jen Lawrence, Lima, split side of beef
Tom Basinger, Columbus, $200
Annete Herrmann, Harrod, $100
Keith Zimmerman, Ottawa, $75
Inh Chantanvong, Findlay, $50
Gene Halker, Lima, $25
Cyndi Zeigler, Bluffton a massage

The following persons caught tagged trout:
Cody Nonnamaker, Jenera, 191, 2
Keith Noble, Lima, 90, 160
Jordan Siefer, Bluffton, 34, 126
Richard Basinger, Bluffton, 221
Cherrie Powell, Bluffton, 225, 164
Jeremy Schwiebert, Napoleon, 111
McKenna Kohli, Pandora, 5,49
Wyatt Matter, Bluffton, 48
Brooke Koontz, Bluffton, 45
Tammy Cottle, Pandora, 98, 50, 82
Dennis Kagy, Rawson, 43
George Risner, Mt. Cory, 35
Mason Garcia, Tiffin, 133
Elmer Noble, Lima, 149
Liam Smith, Carey, 223, 231
Gary Kern, Findlay, 175, 167
Marvin Augsburger, Bluffton, 60, 129
Russell McCafferty, Bluffton, 239
Alan Cap, North Baltimore, 122
Brian McCune, Hudson, 51, 89, 40
Mark Schlachter, Ada, 229
Dale Bracy, Benton Ridge, 7
Thayne Kleman, Bluffton, 91
Joe Hopson, Lima, 68
Laura Hegel, Celina, 16
Robert Lambert, Mt. Blanchard, 247
Heath May, Findlay, 88
Todd Collins, Cairo, 78
Raymond Victory, Rawson, 47
Mike Lawrence, Carey, 186, 211
Jake Sadler, Findlay, 189
Tater Hooker, Bluffton, 192, 4
Dan Caskie, Mt. Cory, 148
Eric Tussing, Findlay, 10
Dakota Arnett, Bluffton, 165
Gary Thomas, Findlay, 244
Logan Ballinger, Lima, 233
Tara Lawrence, Carey, 66
Lee Caskie, Mt. Cory, 242
Andy Burman, Benton Ridge, 8
Edgar Cook, Bluffton, 99, 24
Jennifer Lawrence, Lima, 20
Eric McCoy, Bluffton, 226
Brooklyn Smallwood, Bluffton 70
Levi Smith, Bluffton, 210
Jim Heldman, Findlay, 123
Shannon Kitchen, Bluffton, 114
Randy Stewart, Bluffton, 151
Dan Wolfe, Columbus rove, 75
Steve Lemley, Bluffton, 30, 193
Eric McNAmara, Cairo, 79
Jesse Raines, Shawnee, 177
Jaelyn Doyle, Lima, 209
Joe Hopson, Lima, 69
Robbert Tidd, Ada, 1
Ron Neidemire, Pandora, 135, 64, 134
Dave Pugsley, Bluffton 201

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