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Steve Reichenbach

May 22, 2018

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True story: These two guys walk into an arts and crafts show...

You never heard this one...these two guys walk into an outdoor arts and crafts show.

Actually, the very day before the Bluffton arts and crafts show, the director of the chamber gets a frantic e-mail. It's from a crafter who says that she's never received confirmation of her registration in the "Bluffton" arts and crafts show.

The chamber director looks through all the registrations and can't find the person's information. He calls the crafts show director. Same thing. No information.

This is not unusual. Last-minute people use several ploys to find a spot in a craft show.

The chamber director e-mails the woman and says, sorry we can't find your information. She e-mails back with the check number and the date the check was cashed.

(Crucial point of information: The check was written for $100. There are no $100 spots in the Bluffton, "Ohio" arts and crafts show - only $40 spots.)

On this e-mail the woman provides her phone number. The chamber director punches in the number. The woman answers. The chamber director states that we don't have information about your registration and we don't have any booths for $100.

Then, the woman says, "This is the Bluffton, South Carolina" arts and crafts show, isn't it?"

Bottom line: What are the odds that two towns called Bluffton in two different states would have arts and crafts shows on the same random Saturday in May?

This story gets better.

3:40 p.m., Saturday, May 12 - The Bluffton, "Ohio" arts and crafts show is winding down. The chamber director's cell phone rings.
Someone calling wants to know the location of the arts and crafts show.

Thinking, perhaps, the caller is a soccer mom watching her team play soccer at the two-day soccer tournament at Bluffton University, the chamber director plans on directing her to downtown Bluffton.

"Where are you now?" asks the director.

"In Hilton Head," answers the woman.

End of - true - story.