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January 23, 2017


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It's BHS men's alumni bball tourney weekend...Kingsley, Gleason, Neal, et al.

The Bluffton High School alumni men's basketball tournament is Saturday, June 2, according to Todd Boblitt, BHS boy's coach.

Games begin at 9 a.m. Admission is $2 for spectators and all proceeds support our Lil' Pirate Basketball Program. Games are played in the new gym.

For tournament brackets open the attachment at the bottom of this story.

Team rosters follow:

1 - Lane Oberly
2 - Tyler Oberly
3 - Tyler Neal
4 - Ethan Luginbuhl
5 - Jared Byers
6 - Luke Brodman
7 - Coach Akerman
8 - Daniel Nienberg
9 - Pat Garlock
10 - Drew Roby

1) Tyler Kindred
2) Kyle Roby
3) Andrew Swisher
4) Adam Burris
5) Michael Ream
6) Nathan Miller
7) Jarod Davies
8) Michael Kingsley
9) Cory Burris
10) Chris Burris


Levi Gleason
Todd Fleharty
Matt Gillett
Michael Liska
Jacob Nienberg
Jeremy Basinger
Trevor Meyer
Kyle Siefker
RJ Stratton
Keshaun Hughes


Kevin Hilty
Cory Hilty
Brian Hilty
Grant Warner
Cam Warner
Aric McCoy
Shane Geishimer
Sam Brauen
Adam Criblez