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October 22, 2016


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Bluffton University announces personnel reductions

Bluffton University has announced reductions in employment levels effective July 1.

"These reductions are in response to Bluffton's need to operate on a somewhat smaller scale which is in better alignment with current enrollment," President James M. Harder said. "These are difficult decisions because they affect members of this community whose work has been important to the university and who are our colleagues and friends."

A total of nine positions were reduced and will not be replaced for the next academic year. Three additional positions will continue, but in reduced capacity. Half of the reductions were from planned retirements and resignations, the remaining half were involuntary reductions.

The changes will take effect July 1 and transition compensation was provided to employees whose positions were involuntary ended.

The reductions will reduce overall employment at Bluffton University by approximately five percent, with reductions spread equally among faculty and staff functions.

No academic programs will be eliminated as a result of the reductions beyond the previously-announced conclusion of the Fashion and Interior Design major when current students in the program graduate.

During the most recent academic year, Bluffton had 63 full time faculty and 92 full time staff members, plus additional part time adjunct faculty, staff members and athletic program graduate assistants.