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Kellie Brodman-Angel

September 20, 2017


Poetic License

This plate on a Corvette was spotted at the County Line Church of the Brethren car show in July. Maybe the son has a matching Corvette, too.

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Here's where the EMS calls went in May

Jan Basinger, Bluffton EMS chief provide The Icon with the May EMS calls. It follows:

Date Type of call Location
05/02/2012 Medical Bern St.
05/02/2012 Fire Jefferson St.
05/03/2012 Medical Cherry St.
05/04/2012 ED to ED Transfer Garau St.
05/06/2012 Medical Columbus Grove Rd.
05/06/2012 Medical Buckeye Park
05/06/2012 Medical Buckeye Park
05/07/2012 Medical Vance St.
05/07/2012 Transport Garau
05/08/2012 Fire Alarm Maplecrest
05/08/2012 Medical MMH
05/09/2012 Medical Vance St.
05/09/2012 Medical Snider Rd.
05/10/2012 Medical S. Jackson
05/10/2012 Medical Sunset Dr.
05/11/2012 Medical Kibler
05/11/2012 Medical Snider
05/12/2012 Medical College Ave.
05/12/2012 Mutual Aid E. Main in Beaverdam
05/12/2012 Medical MMH
05/14/2012 Medical Eastland
05/14/2012 Car Crash Main St.
05/14/2012 Medical College Ave.
05/15/2012 Medical S. Jackson
5/17/2012 Fire Call E. Jefferson
5/17/2012 Medical Cherry St.
5/17/2012 Medical Garau St.
5/18/2012 Medical Vance St.
5/18/2012 Medical Garau St.
5/19/2012 Medical Maplecrest
5/19/2012 Medical Maplecrest
5/19/2012 Medical T.R. 27
5/19/2012 Medical Vance St.
5/20/2012 Medical W. Elm St.
05/20/2012 Medical E. Jefferson
05/21/2012 Medical Maplecrest
05/21/2012 Transport Garau
05/22/2012 Transport Garau
05/22/2012 Medical Vance St.
05/24/2012 Medical MMH
05/26/2012 Medical Eastland Dr.
05/26/2012 Car Crash I75
05/27/2012 Medical W. Elm St.
05/28/2012 Fire Alarm St. Rt. 103
05/29/2012 Medical Cherry St.
05/29/2012 Medical Bentley Rd.
05/29/2012 Medical Tom Fett Rd.
05/31/2012 Fire CR. 15
5/31/2012 Medical Vance St.