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February 23, 2019

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Maple Crest - a one-of-a-kind fishing derby

The littlest fish caught, great-grandmother Mary Huffer (of Maple Crest) with grandmother Deb Metzger (Mary^aEURTMs daughter) and Karlie Lora with the littlest fish.

Despite the chilly weather, over 220 people showed up at Maple Crest on June 5 for the annual fishing derby.

Travis Kleman, grandson-in-law of Maple Crest's Lucille Bucher, caught the biggest fish this year - a catfish that was 25 1/4 inches and that also snapped his fishing pole!

The littlest fish this year was caught by Karlie Lora, great-granddaughter of Maple Crest's Mary Huffer, at a whopping 3 3/8 inches.

"A special thank you to our resident volunteers, community volunteers and staff (27 in all) that helped make the event such a success. Photos from the event are available on MHCO's Facebook page at facebook.com/MHCO," said Debbie Mohr of Maple Crest

Maple Crest's fishing derby facts:
(Thanks to Debbie Mohr for these great facts)

Over 220 people attended the event in spite of the cool evening!
27 assistants (staff and volunteers) kept the event running smoothly.

Person who caught the longest fish - Travis Kleman (25 1/4 in.)
Person who caught the 2nd longest fish - Daniel Setzer (22 1/8 in.)
Person who caught the 3rd longest fish - Kevin Hilty (19 1/2 in.)
Person who caught the shortest fish - Karlie Lora (3 3/8 in.)
Person who caught the 2nd shortest fish - Patricia Lugibihl (4 1/8 in.)
Person who caught the 3rd shortest fish - Simon Derstine (4 1/4 in.)
First resident actually out fishing - Mary Ann Kooker
First guest actually out fishing - Ron Burkholder
First staff actually out fishing - Jannie Derstine
First person to catch a fish - Patricia Lugibihl

The newest residents present -
Richard Bucher and Jack and Glenna McCullough
Persons wearing a "cool" hat -
Richard Lasko (orange bill with a hood) and Hazel Rodabaugh (white shawl)
Residents who brought the most guests - Arthur and JoAnn Hilty (25)
Staff who brought the most guests - Lyubov Shekochikhin (11)
Person who caught the most fish - Patricia Lugibihl (8 fish)
Person who caught the 2nd most fish -- Thayne Kleman (6 fish)

Person that came the farthest - Megan Hulshizer (Miriam Rumsey's granddaughter from Oklahoma)
Person that came the second farthest - George Fischer (Julia Szabo's Father from Florida)
Person that came the third farthest - Al and Marsha Galovits (Betsy Lee's parents from Wisconsin)

Fisher with the missing front teeth - Landon Novak
Person who caught two fish at once (with two poles) - Arlene Allison
Person who wore the prettiest fishing outfit - Danielle Novak (summer sundress)
Person who wore the loveliest nature outfit - Kylee Longworth (butterfly sweater)
Person who wore the coziest outfit - Mary Huffer (green sweater with matching green blanket)
Person with the best ensemble - Karlie Lora (from pink shoes to fancy bow)
Youngest person present - Will Dailey (born May 21, 2012 -- great grandson of Art and JoAnn Hilty)