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May 5, 2016


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So many changes - it really doesn't look like Bluffton


Here's Bluffton looking from Main Street west toward what is now the university campus. We've established that these photos were taken in 1948. Watch for more information concerning why we know the exact date.

You must look closely to realize this is a photo of Bluffton. Several structures here no long exist. Check the St. Mary's Catholic Church on the right center of the photo.

In the center left you'll notice a very narrow Vine Street between Lawn and Spring.

In the bottom left is the Methodist Church and its parsonage and parsonage garage.

In the business district are several buildings no longer standing (bottom right). Tu Pueblo is a parking lot.

In the very top right, there is no Mennonite Memorial Home.

Bluffton University's campus looks bare.

Other Icon viewer observations are welcome.