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Council's 2013 budget near $4.3 million, close to 2012's figure

Bluffton's 2013 budget of $4.3 million received council's okay on Monday. The budget is required to be passed by law in July. It is an approximate figure used in determining actual village appropriations, which must be passed by Dec. 31.

According to Nancy Kindle, village fiscal officer, the estimated 2013 budget is very close to the 2012 budget.

She told council that she does not expect much change in revenue from 2012 to 2013, nor expense changes during the period.

While countless residents suffered damage from the June 29 windstorm, the village actually fared quite well.

Jamie Mehaffie, village administrator, told council that the only damage to village property involved fence damage at the water plant and fence damage at Maple Grove Cemetery.

"Our damage was no where near our $10,000 deductible," he said. He noted that several downed trees in Riley Creek concern him. According to Allen County officials, trees downed in streams are the responsiblity of property owners.

Mehaffie said that it is difficult to tell whose trees are in the Riley.