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February 19, 2017


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The state patrol airplane flying overhead might have Andy Edinger at the controls

Andy and Katie Edinger

Tim Stockman and Jed Marquart attended the Dayton Air Show on July 8. Guess who they "ran into"?

Here's the story as Jed tells is:

Tim Stockman and I attended the Dayton Air Show on Sunday. Tim wanted to check out the Ohio Highway Patrol static display, since he is a former trooper. As we passed by the OHP airplane on display, the pilot looked familiar and quickly came over to speak with us.

It was Andy Edinger (son of Doug and Linda Edinger). He is a pilot for the OHP since November of 2011, but has been serving as a trooper for five years. His wife, Katie (daughter of Jeff and Joanna Kantner) was with him.

So, I took a picture of Andy and Katie beside the Cessna 180 that Andy flies every day on his patrol. I though this might be interesting for you and the Icon.