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October 21, 2016


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The Icon spotted "CHEER 63" in the Ada school parking lot in September. Look for it in a white Chevy Traverse LTE. Does it belong for a former cheerleader born in 1963? That's our best guess.

Do you have an interesting license plate? Send a photo to info@blufftonicon.com. Don't forget to tell us the plate's meaning.

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June was busy month for Bluffton EMS

Jan Basinger, Bluffton EMS chief provided The Icon with the June EMS runs:

June 1 Medical I-75
June 1 Medical Garau St.
June 2 Medical Sunset Drive
June 2 Medical S. Lawn Ave.
June 3 Fire E. Jefferson St.
June 3 Fire E. Jefferson St.
June 3 Medical I-75
June 4 Medical County Road 24
June 4 Medical N. Main St.
June 4 Medical W. Elm
June 5 Transport Garau St.
June 9 Medical W. Elm St.
June 9 Medical Maplecrest
June 9 Transport Garau St
June 9 Transport Garau St
June 11 Medical W. Elm St
June 11 Medical Riverbend
June 11 Medical E. Jefferson
June 12 Medical Main
June 12 Transport Garau
June 15 Medical S. Main St.
June 16 Medical S. Jackson St.
June 19 Medical W. Riley
June 19 Medical Maplecrest
June20 Transfer Garau
June 22 MVA Dixie HWY
June 23 Medical College Ave.
June 23 Medical Founders Hall
June 26 Medical Red Maple Court
June 27 Medical Sunset
June 27 Medical MMH
June 28 Medical E. College Ave.
June 28 Medical Vance St.
June 28 Transport Garau
June 28 Fire Alarm Rosenberger
June 29 Medical Maplecrest
June 29 Medical Commerce Lane
June 29 Medical Vance St
June 29 Transport Garau
June 29 Medical Thurman
June 29 Medical Mound
June 29 Fire call Mound
June 29 Fire call Dixie Hwy
June 29 Fire Call Main
June 29 Medical E. College Ave.
June 29 Medical Shannon
June 29 Medical Garau
June 29 Life Flight Garau
June 30 Medical County Line Road
June 27 Life Flight Garau
June 30 Medical Augsburger Rd
June 30 Medical Vance Street