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Steve Reichenbach

May 22, 2018

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Check out the video as Nickel Plate 765 rides again!

Lima-built steam locomotive Nickel Plate 765 is on the move in Ohio and Indiana this summer. After a weekend excursion on the old Nickel Plate mainline several other opportunities exist to view this famous locomotive that once made frequent trips through Bluffton.
Owned by the Ft. Wayne Railroad Historical Society, steam locomotive no. 765 embarks on one of its busiest excursion season in recent history. July through September will see the 765 operating special passenger trains for Norfolk Southern's 30th anniversary, hosting employees and their families across the northern routes of its system.
On each route, plans call for the 765 to carry a heritage whistle from the New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Norfolk & Western, and Wabash Railroads with each whistle representing the route or territory that became part of Norfolk Southern's system.
Additionally, the railroad's Nickel Plate Road Heritage locomotive no. 8100, will accompany the 765 for most of the season, while Wabash Heritage locomotive no. 1070 will travel with the 765 to St. Louis.
The society will be releasing more news and special items to celebrate its 40th anniversary starting with the 765?s complete 2012 schedule. Discover the 765 trackside in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois throughout the summer on the following dates below:
July 23 - Bellevue - Toledo (deadhead)
July 28 - Homestead Yard - Airline Junction (3 trips)
July 29 - Homestead Yard - Airline Junction (3 trips)
July 30 - Toledo - Portsmouth, Ohio (deadhead)
July 31 - Portsmouth, Ohio - Williamson, West Virginia (deadhead)
August 4th - Williamson, WV - Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (3 trips)
August 5th - Williamson, WV - Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (2 trips)
August 6th - Williamson - Columbus, Ohio (deadhead)
August 7th - Columbus, OH - Pittsburgh, PA (deadhead)
August 11th - Conway Yard - OC Bridge (2 trips)
August 12th - Conway Bridge - Homewood Junction (2 trips)
August 13th - Conway - Harrisburg (deadhead)
August 18th - Enola - CP Capitol (3 trips)
August 19th - Enola - CP Capitol (2 trips)
August 20th - Harrisburg, PA - Pittsburgh (deadhead)
August 21st - Pittsburgh, PA - Bellevue, OH (deadhead)
August 22nd - Bellevue - Fort Wayne, IN (deadhead)
September 6th - Fort Wayne, IN - Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 7th - Decatur, IL - St. Louis (deadhead)
September 8th - Berkley, MO - St. Peters, MO (2 trips)
September 9th - Berkley, MO - St. Peters, MO (2 trips)
September 10th - St. Louis - Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 11th - Decatur, Fort Wayne (deadhead)
September 29th, 30th - Open House, New Haven, IN
Help support railroad preservation by using this information safely and responsibly. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

NKP 765 In The Valley