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Steve Reichenbach

May 23, 2018

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This Huber family has a very long relationship with the Bluffton community

The descendents of Russell and Josephine Huber, lifelong Richland Township residents, met for a family reunion recently. Every family has a story, and this family of Hubers certain has some good ones. 

Rather than putting it all in sentence form, here are some of the interesting bits of information shared with The Icon by the family.


The Huber Family Celebration 2012

Descendents of Russell and Josephine Huber
• Berdell Huber and Dale Huber - sons
• Berdell passed away Dec 2000
• Both WW II vets and active in the Bluffton Legion
• Both graduates of Bluffton High School
• Berdell attended the school on Bentley that was recently damaged in the storms
• Berdell was one of the founders of the Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Show and restored old tractors
• Berdell and Dale both farmed family homesteads [Berdell farmed Josie’s on Schifferly Road and Dale still farms the Huber homestead on the Bentley]

Descendents of Berdell Huber
Anita [David] Augsburger graduated Bluffton High School 1961
Lee [ Dale] Williams graduated 1965
Dick [Jeannie] Huber graduated 1967
Josie Huber Yerby graduated 1972

Descendents of Dale Huber
Susan [Juan] Diaz graduated 1970
Larry [Judy] Huber graduated 197
Terry [Cheryl] Huber graduated 1973
Jack [Vicki] Huber graduated 1975
Lori Huber Leftenant graduated 1979
David Huber graduated 1981

• Dale and Etta Jo live in the home that the Russell Huber’s lived in on the Bentley
• David lives beside them in the homestead home of Russell Huber’s on the Bentley
• [Susan’s family and Larry’s family live across the road ☺]

• The reunion had 60+ in attendance from as far away as Arkansas and Oklahoma
• Only three cousins were unable to attend.
• Many cousins still live in the Bluffton area, while others live nearby in Lima, Toledo, and Waynesfield.
• Most of the family members are on Facebook and enjoy being able to stay involved in each others lives in this way.