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Kathryn Van Dyke: First Maple Crest resident to celebrate 100th birthday

Kathryn Van Dyke of Bluffton just made history – she is the first Maple Crest resident to celebrate her 100th birthday while living at Maple Crest.

On Feb. 3, 2013, Kathryn turned 100 and celebrated with her family. The photo of Kathryn was taken during the Maple Crest monthly birthday party held on Feb. 8.

Kathryn was the seventh of 11 children. She seems to have been born with the family gene for long life.  Her mother lived into her 90s, and her two living sisters are 93 and 106 (Elva Huffman). 

However, there are other reasons for her many years of life. Kathryn’s daughter, Linda Miller, states that her mother’s life has been a wholesome one of simplicity. 

Kathryn and her husband raised their three children on a farm, with time spent gardening, canning, and milking the goats. The family drank the goats’ milk and also sold it to customers who had various stomach ailments. 

Kathryn and her husband modeled a life of faith and service – participating in worship and church functions was important, and so was helping people in need.  So, in Linda’s opinion, Kathryn’s whole outlook on life has been a prominent factor in reaching this milestone.

When Kathryn was asked if there was a “secret” to her long life, she responded: “I don’t know.  It just happened.”