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July 14, 2020

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Support for Shannon Cemetery project moving along

The Shannon Cemetery Project has quietly built up some steam this summer, Dick Boehr told The Icon this week.

"We are starting to receive some significant donations to assist in our overall renovation plan," he said.

Boehr, local promoter of several community projects, has taken on Bluffton’s pioneer cemetery on Jefferson Street and wants to turn into a source of community pride. Joining Boehr.

“This continuing conversation from cemetery to park-cemetery is a combination of the Bluffton council and interested community people working together,” Boehr said.

Adding, “We look forward to the project being a major improvement to our village, while still naming all those known to have rested in this place some 150 to 175 years ago.”

“As you are all aware, funding for these extra projects, through political processes, is difficult using taxpayers’ funds. It is now time for our community, organizations, individuals, people who have heirs here, and civlc groups to help out,” said Boehr.

Currently the village is assisting in the project, but several years are needed for sufficient funding.

Boehr said that there are plans for a concrete slab to be used for relocating all the stones, a parking area, a gazebo to shelter persons visiting the park, a plaque that will list all known who rest there and some landscaping.

“We believe everyone in Bluffton benefit from this project,” he added.

Persons interested in donating to this project may make checks payable to:

Village of Bluffton
154 N. Main St.
Bluffton, OH 45817

In care of: Shannon Cemetery Project
Checks may be given to Boehr for deposit into the village account.