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October 18, 2018

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Ben Stahl appointed to vacant council seat

Jerry Cupples elected council president in 2018

Ben Stahl, who was the fifth highest vote getter – the top four were seated on council - in the November Bluffton council election, is now a council member.

He was appointed to the council vacancy, which opened when council member Richard Johnson became mayor in late December.

His appointment follows a tradition by council of naming the next-in-line highest vote getter to fill a council vacancy. The previous council did not follow this tradition.

His council appointment brings a fourth new person to the table, as Jerry Cupples, Mitch Kingsley and David Steiner also began new terms within the past two weeks.

Council’s Monday action

Several housekeeping matters took place on Jan. 8.
• Council moved to hold its meetings at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. The meeting dates remain the second and fourth Monday of each month.
• Jerry Cupples was elected council president for 2018.
• Council committee assignments were released by the mayor.

Several council committees scheduled meetings this month. That schedule follows:
• Thursday, Jan. 11 – Utilities and Street-Alleys, joint meeting, 3 p.m.
Discussion includes the West Elm Street sewer project and carryover projects from 2017

• Friday, Jan. 12 – Personnel and Finance, joint meeting, 3:30 p.m.
Discussion includes village pay scales

• Date not set – Park and Recreation, Safety Services

Council committees for 2018
Finance: Dave Steiner, Phill Talavinia
Insurance: Jerry Cupples, Dave Steiner
Ordinance: Mitch Kingsley, Joe Sehlhorst
Personnel: Phill Talavinia, Mitch Kingsley
Safety Service: Phill Talavinia, Ben Stahl
Streets, Alleys, Lights and Sidewalks: Joe Sehlhorst, Jerry Cupples
Allen County Regional Planning: Mitch Kingsley
Utilities: Dave Steiner, Jerry Cupples
Sidewalk Review Board: Phill Talavinia
Pathway Board: Ben Stahl
Cemetery Board: Jerry Cupples
Tree Commission: Ben Stahl
Airport Commission: Phill Talavinia
Joint Water Advisory Board: Dave Steiner
Allen County Health Department: Joe Sehlhorst
Village Cultural Affairs: Joe Sehlhorst