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February 20, 2019

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15 minutes with Eric Garmatter

"As a team you can achieve more playing together than as a group of individuals"

15 minutes with Eric Garmatter
Bluffton High School girls' basketball coach

Eric, when you aren't coaching basketball, what do you do?
I work very hard for Coca-Cola.

When you attended Bluffton High School what sports did you play?
I played football, basketball and baseball at Bluffton.

How many hours a week might you average in your coaching duties during the season?
25-30 hours.

As you work with youth, what do you do to teach a concept of teamwork?
I try to teach them that as a team you can achieve more playing together than as a group of individuals.

What have your players taught you about teamwork?
That it is not as easy as that to convince them all the time.

Where do you sit on the bus for away games?
Directly right in front or behind the team.

What school has the best popcorn (other than Bluffton)?

What’s your favorite all-time movie?
Shawshank Redemption

What was the worst grade you received in high school? (test, quiz or grade card)
My memory isn't as good as it used to be but I do recall getting an A- one time in Home ec. There might have been others but I just don't remember.

Do you have any major sports injuries from your playing days?
No serious injuries from my playing days.

Can you name the coach who really inspired you?
Rick Shaner. A wonderful man.

What was your personal best game you ever played in high school?
I had 26 points one time and would have had more but every time I passed the ball to Jon Laing there was absolutely no chance it was coming back to me. I would just head back to defense. He didn't have to worry about the saying that "You miss every shot that you never take." He was a very good player. Just don't tell him that.

How do you switch gears from coaching when the season ends?
It's not that hard. Once a season ends it is a new seasons' beginning. My kids keep me busy with all their activities.