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December 12, 2018

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What makes up a good exercise routine?

Exercise should be challenging but it should also be personalized or it won’t have any chance at being enjoyable

By Christine Schroeder, MOT, OTR/L

Wait…what???   Walk a mile?   Do 10 sit-ups?    Are you kidding? I can’t even do one sit-up or even walk to my car without being out of breath or something hurting!

Is this your reaction when someone says you should exercise? Most people have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to physical activity. As if exercise is a “one size fits all” type of thing. “I have to be able to walk a mile to get in any cardio. I have to be able to do a sit-up or a push-up to be able to work on any strengthening or touch my toes to really be able to stretch.”

Exercise should be challenging but it should also be personalized or it won’t have any chance at being enjoyable. (Yes, I just used the words exercise and enjoyable in the same sentence! ;-)

Although I do love and look forward to my work-outs now, it wasn’t always that way. (I used to joke that the only running anyone would see me do was to run towards a slice of cheesecake or a sale at my favorite store. Lol ;)

A good exercise routine should consist of strengthening, flexibility and cardio/endurance exercises. The often overlooked part of that equation is finding exercises that fall into those categories which also fit into your current fitness AND interest level. Setting our (fitness) goals too high when starting out is often times the surest way to also set ourselves up for defeat. Goals need to be realistic and attainable. And once you’ve crushed those goals (yes, I said crush ;), the key is to consistently challenge yourself to the next level. This is where the enjoyable part kicks in. A goal achieved is satisfaction guaranteed.

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

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