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June 18, 2019

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Meet baby Lillian

Two Bluffton nurses turned what could have been a very serious medical emergency into a happy ending

Lillian Wehrly was born in Bluffton Hospital on March 9 to parents Kirsti Livingston and Jordan Wehrly of Rawson.

Following routine newborn testing performed by OB nurses that indicated baby Lillian could, in fact, have a potentially life-threatening heart condition, nurses Amber Klausing and Bethany Schutz worked quickly to get baby Lillian stabilized and transferred.
Alissa Horton, Bluffton OB clinical manager, said, "The alertness and quick thinking of the two nurses turned what could have been a very serious medical emergency into a happier ending for Lillian and her family.

"This story exemplifies the professional commitment of Bluffton Hospital’s nurses and staff. This situation quickly became a team effort by our entire staff and we are very proud of that effort.”

Nurses Klausing and Schutz advocated that Lillian be transferred immediately to a higher level of care facility.

Lillian was then flown that night to Toledo Children’s Hospital. In Toledo further tests determined that Lillian needed to be life-flighted to Ann Arbor, Michigan. There she had open-heart surgery.

The surgery was successful and Lillian is now at home awaiting her next possible heart surgery. Lillian's doctors are following her closely to determine if and when future surgeries will take place.

Earlier this week Lillian’s mother – her father was at work - brought Lillian in a “thank you visit” to the Bluffton OB unit.  

The visit included some  appreciative gifts from Lillian’s parents to nurses Klausing and Schutz as well as recognition by Bluffton administration which included certificates of recognition/appreciation.