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March 29, 2020

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Bluffton council terminates Jack Huber as village administrator

Jesse Blackburn named interim administer during special Monday meeting

In a special meeting on Monday (April 30), Bluffton council voted 6-0 to terminate the employment of its village administrator, Jack Huber. He held the position since June of 2017.

The following notification to Mr. Huber explains council's decision:

This is to advise that you are hereby terminated from your employment with the Village of Bluffton, Ohio, on this date and your time off with pay is terminated on this date also.

This termination is FOR CAUSE.

Cause has been established from the comprehensive evaluation of your job performance.  Based on your job description and the expectations regarding performance of the functions of the position of Village Administrator. 

You have failed to communicate with employees that report to you and as a result, there is a lack of leadership and direction for the service department.  You have failed to communicate with the public when needed.  You have shifted the public communication responsibilities to an Assistant.  You have failed to take initiative on service projects in the Village and communicate with the Village Administration and Council.

• You will be paid for the week from April 23, 2018 to April 30, 2018.

• You will be paid for one week of vacation earned.

• You will be paid your accumulated sick time until April 30, 2018.

• You are continued on health insurance through the month of May 2018.

• You are entitled to COBRA health insurance which shall explained in a separate letter to you.

• The Village Council voted in open session upon recommendation of the Mayor and the Personnel Committee that you be removed for cause.  Ohio Revised Code 735.271 applies only where termination is without cause.  This termination is for cause.  Should there be any issues regarding cause, the vote taken this date terminates your employment on other grounds.

• Vote of Council for Termination: Yeas  6 Nays   0

The council discussed Huber's employment during a 45-minute executive session on Monday. Following that session with no public discussion, expect for the reading of the notice, council voted to terminate his employment.

Jesse Blackburn, assistant village administrator, was named interim administrator. Neither Huber nor Blackburn attended the meeting.