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April 25, 2019

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The Quarry Farm is ready for summer

Newsletter features article on Paul Nusbaum, bridge builder

The Quarry Farm, nature preserve and conservation farm in rural Pandora, has several programs planned this summer.

The preserve is located at 14321 Road 7L, rural Pandora.

Its summer newsletter features an article on Paul Nusbaum, a board member and volunteer who constructed three bridges on the farm.


The story about Nusbaum’s bridges follows:

Paul Nusbaum grew up near the Quarry Farm. He is an avid outdoorsman, farmer and educator.

Over a decade ago, he shared his passion for Ohio history by dressing in Ohio Pioneer costume and demonstrating re-starting for one of our visiting school groups.

We can only assume that Paul isn’t planning another cross-country bike trek this year as he has devoted a great deal of time and expertise to building bridges on the nature preserve.

The first bridge is actually the spit of land, approximately 20 to 25 feet wide, between the quarry wetland and Cranberry Run.

In April, Paul cleared invasive bush honeysuckle and two downed trees from the strip, opening a path that will serve as an open-air land lab between two distinct aquatic habitats.

The second bridge is the existing Cranberry Run footbridge.

Rushing fall floodwaters had removed several boards, the angled approach and left one of the main supports in a state of decay. Thanks to Paul, the bridge is solid, yet still allows for the rise and fall of water after heavy rains.

The third bridge spans a deep overflow channel developed over a century ago by a stone quarry operation. Thee new platform offers smooth passage and is a perfect observation area for watching migrating birds, spring babies and listening to amphibian calls.