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February 22, 2019

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Enthusiast Auto Source owner says "expect the unexpected"

C-R grad is Bluffton's newest business owner; located on Vance Street

A new Bluffton business, selling automobiles, opened this month at 142 Vance Street and Kyle Andrus, owner, says to “expect the unexpected.”

With a name like “Enthusiast Auto Source,” the 2005 Cory-Rawson grad has a car niche all his own.

“I buy, fix and sell cars that are mostly rare, unique and in limited number,” he says.

Put another way, his business Facebook states: We specializes in rare, unique, performance and oddball vehicles that enthusiasts are passionate about. Whatever type of car you are into, we can probably help find a vehicle for you.

When we asked for an example, he mentioned two going out on his lot later this week.

• 2004 VW Passat, W-8 engine with a six-speed manual transmission. In case you wonder, it’s a light blue paint job. And, yes, it's a W-8, not V-8.

• 2004 Volvo V70-V70R, 300 horsepower, turbo-charged station wagon. Kyle adds that the car looks average, but it’s really fast.

In his one-man shop, he’s everything from chief mechanic, sales person, bookkeeper and janitor. But, make no mistake; he has the tools and know-how to develop his niche.

“I have diagnostic tools for Volvos, Saabs, VWs and several other foreign makes,” he said.

He scours the internet for potential vehicles. “Last week I took the train to New York where I bought a car and drove it back to Bluffton,” he said.

Some of his customers are as interesting as the vehicles he finds and sells.

“I sold a car to an architect in Saudi Arabia. His brother from Oklahoma came and picked it up for him,” said Kyle. “I’ve also sold a car to someone in Denver, and recently had one shipped to Minnesota.”

Kyle, now living in Findlay, has the shop open Thursday evenings and by appointment.

“Feel free to come in a talk cars,” he says. The best way to contact him is at 419-408-1522, or 419-788-5577 or leave a Facebook message at Enthusiast Auto Source LLC.

We couldn’t help but ask, what was the first car you ever owned? His answer: “The opposite of rare – a 1993 Honda Civic, when I was 16.”