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November 13, 2019

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Letter: "Shannon Cemetery Park” proposal of April 2013 needs to move forward

Icon viewers:

Hello, Bluffton. It has been three years with very little action from our village council regarding the improving of Bluffton Shannon Cemetery.

Considerable efforts have been put upon mayors, administrators, and council members to put all the cemetery stones back, similar to where they were.

It seems to some of us volunteers that there was a broad majority to encourage the proposed “Shannon Cemetery Park” proposal of April 2013.

Now we need to let the new council, mayor and administrator know how the Bluffton populous feels.

Let them know, so this project can more forward.

Dick Boehr, volunteer

Icon note: The Icon agrees with the writer of this letter. In November 2015 the Shannon Cemetery Commission survey revealed wide-spread agreement for a memorial to be made of the tombstones. Click here to the results of that survey.