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June 20, 2019

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Letter to viewers: Final thoughts on the Shannon Cemetery plan

I am grateful even though the village has decided upon a different plan that was originally created.

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(Note: click here for this writer's letter of Sept. 17, which provides additional details on this project. And, click here for survey results from the Shannon Cemetery Commission survey of the community)

As a result of attending Monday’s Bluffton council meeting, it appears that Jerry Cupples, council president, and Bernie Ludwig, village sexton, are in the process of placing cemetery stones somewhere in the Shannon Cemetery.

The question came up in the meeting “Who is in charge?” The village administrator said, “the mayor.” The mayor said, “the administrator.”

At the meeting it was further stated that 18 stones will be “tablet set” on Oct. 26 and 27. Further that 24 stones will have concrete bases in the spring of 2019.

These stones, we believe will be set in random locations. There is no way of knowing where the actual graves are located. An aerial picture is being used, showing numbered stones that were gathered, dug up and cleaned.

We asked for additional information  - the grid is gone and no plan is available.

The mayor said that no money will be spent on this project. However, Jerry Cupples said funds will come from the village cemetery sexton’s funds!

I’m concerned for what the Village of Bluffton may understand that is happening. Is this the spirit intended in Resolution 7-13 and Resolution 5-16?

As one of the volunteers and speaking for myself, I want to thank the council for allowing me to be of assistance in this project, which began in 2003 to help transfer the cemetery title from Richland Township to the village.

I want to thank the professional people and volunteers for months and years of work preparing plans to bring about this remarkable change “to today.”

I am grateful even though the village has decided upon a different plan that was originally created.

Dick Boehr