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June 18, 2019

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A VIP visitor to Bluffton

Paolo DeMaria, superintendent of public instruction, Ohio Department of Education comes to Bluffton

All photos by Jamie Nygaard
It's not every day that the Superintendent of Public Instruction from the Ohio Department of Education drops in for a visit.

After all, there are 3,600 public schools in the state and 1.6 million students in his care.

It happened yesterday (Oct. 9) as Paolo DeMaria visited Bluffton schools. Jamie Nygaard followed Supertendent DeMaria's visit. Accompanying the state superintendent was State Rep. Robert Cupp (4th district).

Greg Denecker, Bluffton superintendent, said his visit included stops in several elementary and middle school classrooms. Later he met with Bluffton University education faculty and student.

His visit is the second significant event for Bluffton schools this month. Eariler this month Blufton elementary was named one of 16 schools in Ohio to receive a National Blue Ribbon Award.