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July 22, 2019

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Who’s in the Suit at Bluffton University?

J. Denny and Jenny Beaver identities revealed on Saturday; note time change due to anticipated weather issues

Because of the forecasted weather this weekend, Saturday’s games have been moved up in time. The women now play at noon and the men at 2 p.m. with the Beaver reveal still taking place between the two games.


On Saturday, Jan. 19, between the women’s and men’s games against Transylvania University, Bluffton University will reveal which students are in the J. Denny and Jenny Beaver suits. The women’s game starts at noon in the Sommer Center. 

The mascots routinely cheer on student-athletes at sporting events, but they are also active at admissions, advancement and community events.

Each year, multiple students take on the role of J Denny and Jenny Beaver, but the true identities of the students who portray the Beavers are kept hidden until the big reveal. The chosen few must pass a competitive selection process that includes a written application, an in-person interview and an audition in the suit. 

J. Denny came on the scene in fall 2010 to honor Dr. J. Denny Weaver, professor emeritus of religion and longtime faculty athletics representative at Bluffton. Jenny was introduced in fall 2014 to help J. Denny spread campus spirit.

The reveal will kick off the application process for the next round of Beavers to be selected for the 2019-20 academic year. 

Who are J Denny and Jenny Beaver?