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June 19, 2019

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Hematology and oncology clinic at Bluffton Hospital

A major health benefit in our community

Not everyone’s first-ever summer job was like Henry Gerad’s.

As a 14-year-old in New York City, he worked in the summer as a lab technician in the cancer research lab at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

At that time, Dr. Charlotte Friend, known eventually for her discovery of the Friend Leukemia Virus and Friend erythroleukemia cells, conducted medical research in that lab.

That summer job sparked the young man’s interest in medicine, specifically hematology and oncology.

It led to a medical career in that field. Today, Dr. Gerad is with Hematology and Oncology Associates, part of Blanchard Valley Medical Practices.

He sees patients on Tuesdays in the Bluffton Hospital clinic. He explains that a major benefit of the Bluffton clinic is that it provides easy and faster access for patients.

Describing oncology, Dr. Gerad said, “It’s a fascinating field because we treat every part of the body.”

Before 2000 cancer was often a death sentence for a patient. But, because of advances with drugs that is not the always the case today.

“And, people are much more aware of routine examinations,” he said.

With cancer, genetics is a major component, but lifestyle play an important role, too, he adds.

Clearly smoking, use of illicit drugs, diet, balance of life and physical activity, including maintaining one’s weight are areas where many people can often control their own health destiny.

Dr. Gerad see patients from other physician referrals, but said that people may also call the Bluffton clinic to make appointments.

An office visit typically involves intake, evaluation and treatment options.

Dr. Gerad’s medical interests appear to be all part of his family. His wife’s profession is as an oncology nurse, one daughter is also an oncology nurse, and another daughter is a doctor of internal medicine.