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May 26, 2020

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Plastic facial surgery at Bluffton Hospital

Dr. Vincent McGinniss: "Patients requiring this otherwise would have to go to Columbus, Toledo or Cleveland"

Dr. Vincent McGinniss developed an interest as an ear-nose-throat physician when his twin sister, a musician, required ear surgery.

Today Dr. McGinniss, D.O., handles surgeries once a week at Bluffton Hospital. Depending upon the patient, the surgery may involve tympanostomy tubes, tonsillectomies or facial plastic surgeries.

He is board certified in both ENT and facial plastic surgery.

“My passion is in plastic surgeries,” he says. With training in otolaryngology, he is a partner in ENT & Allergy Specialists of Northwest Ohio, Findlay, and through Blanchard Valley Health System and also does procedures at Bluffton Hospital on Tuesdays.

Additionally, Yvonne Gayhart, a physician assistant an ENT and allergy specialist who works closely with Dr. McGinniss, offers services at the Bluffton Specialty Clinic on Tuesdays.

He said that nearly 30 percent of his surgeries in Bluffton are facial surgeries and 70 percent ENT-related. He projects that will eventually become 50-50 in Bluffton. His surgery schedule brings him to Bluffton Hospital on Tuesdays.

“The facial surgeries available in Bluffton are unique to this area,” he said. “Patients requiring these otherwise would have to go to Columbus, Toledo or Cleveland.”

Facial surgery may be required for a variety of reasons: skin cancer, reconstruction, skin grafts or cosmetic surgeries, as examples. And, he sees patients of all ages.

He said that cosmetic surgeries may take place because a patient says, “I want to look as good as I feel.” An example of facial surgery for a youngster might be to correct prominent ears.

 “I like to interact with kids. You need to build their trust, maybe talk with their parents first if they are shy. Or, if they have a toy with them, I’ll talk about the toy,” he said.

He has plenty of experience with youngsters as he and his wife have a 4-year-old and 3-month-old.

And, when free time really exists, Dr. McGinniss says his passion is painting. He enjoys working with acrylic and oil. He has had his work on exhibit at We Serve Coffee in Findlay.

He is the artist of the painting on the wall behind him in the photo with this story.

 His contact information:

ENT and Allergy Specialists of Northwest Ohio
1110 W. Main Cross St.