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January 26, 2020

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A pig and chickens in the backyard

Village residents bring objections to Bluffton council

A “barnyard in Bluffton” question was posed to Bluffton council members on Monday.

Everett and Susan Collier, 109 Eurgo Court, speaking during the open session at the meeting, shared what they called a neighborhood concern of a Garmatter Street resident who has a pet pig living outdoors. Previously the neighbor also had several chickens, said the Colliers.

“We brought this issue up to the village last fall and it went nowhere,” Everett Collier said. The Colliers said that the they are concerned about the implication of other village residents who might bring animals other than cats and dogs to their yards.

“I’m certain that the chickens attracted at least one skunk,” said Collier, adding that the smell caused by the black and white night visitor is something that no one in town would appreciate.

Village officials said that they were not aware of any ordinance that puts limits on any animal being housed inside the corporation limits.

Susan Collier told council that she has an ordinance from the City of Lima that addresses that issue. She shared with council members.

As a result of the complaint, council’s ordinance committee met on Wednesday to discuss the issue. The Icon is not aware of the outcome of that committee meeting.