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January 26, 2020

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Bluffton council hears more "animals in the village" discussion

Ordinance committee continues to research whether to create legislation limiting types of animals in the village

Responding to the June 24 Bluffton council meeting discussion of what type of animals are permitted in the village,  Nina Koontz of 180 Garmatter addressed the council on the subject.

At issue is whether the village has an ordinance prohibiting certain animals within the village limits. Village official state that they are not aware of any such ordinance.

She and her husband, Dan, own two mini-pigs that she says are household pets and also live outdoors.

“The animal discussion (June 24 meeting) came as a surprise to us,” she said. “We have two mini-pigs, three small dogs and one cat,” she told council, during the public comment session of the meeting.

“Our pigs are domestic, household pets,” she said, adding that they are between 15- and 20-pounds each. They grunt. That’s the noise they make.”

“The chickens are gone and won’t be coming back,” she added, referring to the June 24 meeting discussion. Mrs. Koontz said that the pigs won’t grow large.

Earlier in the meeting, Mitch Kingsley of the council ordinance committee, reported on that committee’s meeting on June 26. He said that the committee continues to research whether to create an ordinance limiting types of animals in the village. “We continue to research this and will bring a suggestion to council.”