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November 22, 2019

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Not far from Bluffton...a slice of American history

War of 1812 played out in Hardin County

FROM ADA ICON - Independence Day weekend has a major focus on July 4, 1776. As they say, "there's more to the story." Here is a small piece and it is very close to Bluffton.

Sometimes we forget that there was a "Part 2" of the War for Independence, namely the War of 1812.


Recalling from your Ohio history courses, Britain wanted a do-over and invaded the still-young United States of America. The war spilled over into Ohio just shy of the state's 10th birthday.

Not far from present-day Ada, the American army built a small fort, Fort McArthur, on the banks of the Scioto River to defend General William Hull's march to Detroit to meet the British forces.

The location of the cemetery is south of the intersection of Township Road 115 (Lynn Valley Pike) and Hardon County Road 106.

Sixteen American soldiers who died in a battle near the fort are buried in a cemetery on the former site of Fort McArthur. The names of the soldiers are unknown.

Ken Collins, Ada Icon photographer, visited the site during the Fourth of July weekend and shares thes photos.

The historical marker was erected in 1989 by the Country Connection Club and the Ohio Historical Society.