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January 26, 2020

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License plate fees will increase $10 in the village this fall

Village could save $1,639 per year through AEP incentives

Bluffton drivers will start paying an additional $10 per license plate for each plate renewal starting this fall.

Bluffton council passed the first of three readings of legislation to create a levy on annual license taxes. Two separate ordinances of $5 each are passing through council.

Brought to council by its streets, alleys, lights and sidewalks committee, the taxes collected will be used for maintaining, constructing and improvement roadways and bridges in the village.

In June the committee projected an additional $34,000 annual revenue to the village through the tax.

In a cost-savings venture, a study by Nathan Jordan, a member of the public works staff, reveals that through AEP incentives the village could save $1,639 per year with LED lighting upgrades.

Jordan’s study is based on the concept that existing lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes are replaced by new LED bulbs, and existing ballasts are bypassed in the fire and EMS building, public works shop and the town hall.

A chart below breaks down the costs and number of bulb affected. The estimated reduction in village power demand totals 11,820 watts if the village proceeds with the plan.