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May 26, 2020

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Brett Prothro performs with MMCM in next Town Hall Concert

A trio performance Saturday, Nov. 16

Bluffton folk singer-songwriter Brett Prothro will perform in concert with Christina Eltrevoog and Matthew Pittman at 7 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 16, in the third floor of the Bluffton town hall in the next Town Hall Concert performance.

Eltrevoog and Pittman make up an acoustic dou called Michael and Christina Marie (MMCM). 

Some background on the performers:
In 2017, MMCM  began performing one another’s songs as an acoustic duo. They have collaborated ever since, writing and performing throughout the United States.

Emerging from their midwest roots, MMCM engages audiences with songs expressed in harmonically-rich layers of voices and strings. MMCM will release their first album in late 2019.

Brett Prothro, Bluffton folk singer-songwriter from Wichita, Kansas, is a regular performer in the area, writing and performing his brand of Americana. 

Donations accepted at the door.