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May 31, 2020

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Eden Nygaard blows out his birthday candles on Dec. 25

He knows all about Christmas birthdays

Eden Nygaard, a Bluffton High School junior, was born on Dec. 25, 2002. Not knowing too many people with a Christmas Day birthday, we were curious how he spends the day. Here’s part of our interview: 

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Icon: Do you know anyone else with a Dec. 25 birthday?
Eden: I do not know anyone else with the same birthday as me. 

Icon: Can you name one of your most memorable birthday gifts?
Eden: My memory is not the greatest, but I do remember in 2011 when my parents gave me an Xbox 360. 

Icon: When did it occur to you that having a birthday on Christmas was unusual?
Eden: I probably figured out that my birthday was on an unusual day around the time of that 2011 Christmas. 

Icon: How do you celebrate your birthday?
Eden: We do not have a tradition on my birthday, but we do go out to eat before that date. My Christmas presents are usually my birthday presents and vice versa so they get mixed in together very much. 

Icon: What do your friends say when they discover your birthday is Dec. 25?
Eden: My friends usually ask me about the presents and if they are together or separate, and I say they are together and then they just react with, “Oh, man, that stinks!” 

Icon: What’s your favorite type of music?
Eden: My favorite type of music is Hip Hop, and my favorite musician is Iyaz. 

Icon: What do you order on your pizzas?
Eden: I like pepperoni and banana peppers on my pizza. 

Icon: Do you buy or pack lunch at school?
Eden: I usually buy lunch. 

Icon: What’s the closest thing to a detention you ever had?
Eden: I have never had a detention at school, but I was close one time when I forgot to turn in my tennis jacket. 

Icon: What classes are you taking this year?
Eden: I’m taking Chemistry, American Government, Precalculus, Choir, Latin, English and every Friday morning I attend Ocean Focus. 

Icon: Any sports?
Eden: I participate in soccer and tennis also in Bluffton High School. 

Icon: Can you think of the most interesting birthday present you’ve ever received?
Eden: That would be an old trick box to try and get something out of it. It was very hard to get it, out so I eventually stopped trying.

Icon: Thanks for talking with us. We’re certain our viewers will find this interesting. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, Eden.