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April 4, 2020

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Community Assistance Program working to get Community Market gift cards

For the first time ever assistance program uses its contingency/emergency funds

In an effort to assist residents of the Bluffton Village School District and members of Bluffton churches, the Bluffton Community Assistance Corp. announced today that it will, for the first-time ever, use its contingency/ emergency funds for community assistance, according to Ed Yeager, board president.

He explained how this funding will be used:

Community Market gift cards have been ordered and will be made available directly from the food pantry on the third Saturday of April and, if necessary, the following Wednesday. 

A supply of gift cards will also be given to the president of the Bluffton Ministerial Association for distribution to BAMA churches.     

The amounts to be distributed:  
Families consisting of 1 person = $50 
2-3 persons = $75 
4-6 persons = $100 
7 or greater $125  

To be consistent, the churches will use these same guidelines. In May there will be another distribution of gift cards handled in the same manner.    

While cards have been ordered, Bluffton Community Assistance has not yet received word from Community Market as to the date they will be available.

Because of the loss of employment for many families the Bluffton Community Assistance Corp. working through the Bluffton Area Ministerial Association will consider further assistance for those in need.

 To protect the churches and the food pantry we request that a list be kept of those who receive card assistance to keep the chances of ‘double dipping’ to a minimum.