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April 4, 2020

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Two Bluffton HS artists' work accepted for Governor's show

Including Annalise Nisly's sculpture and Danielle Novak's print

Two Bluffton High School artists have art works accepted into this year’s Governor’s Art Show, according to Vickie Garmon, BHS art teacher.

Garmon said that in the second round of judging Annalise Nisly and Danielle Novak both had works accepted. Nisly’s accepted piece was a sculpture. Novak’s piece was a print, and it was designated as the top 25 award.  

In addition, Melina Meza, Nicholas Markowski, Kaitlyn Montgomery and Jocelyn Ochoa had art work accepted at the regional level.

Each year thousands of art works are submitted at the regional level. From there a limited number are selected to advance to state level judging.

And, finally 300 are selected to the governor’s show.

From those 300 selected, 25 pieces are picked for the top 25 award.  

Garmon said that instead of the state judging taking place in Columbus, each regional was given a percent (based on how large they were and how many pieces were selected for state judging) of how many pieces could be selected for the governor’s show.  

“Our judge selected nine pieces from our region,” she said.  “We were also allowed one top 25 piece that was given to one of those nine pieces. That was awarded to Danielle,” said Garmon.  

The show is scheduled to open at the end of April in Columbus.